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The download server is offline
Like the topic says, the download server is offline. The Downloads will work again in few days, maybe tomorrow.
You just have to wait!:)
UPDATE: The downloads working again. Maybe there is a chance for all other quakeworld movies but it depends on the webspace - I don't know it now.
I prepare the page for some other stuff, so it could be that the homepage will sometimes have a crazy look:)
09.10.08 - 10:36 by knast E-Mail @ User

Indicate 4
The last episode of the indicate series is done. Its like the other parts a Quakeworld fun movie. It consists of four different parts: intro, lamerpart, classicpart and the mainpart ( the fun part). It is the last Quakeworld movie who i used demos.
In the future maybe i will do some small clips that are animated:)
Well but at first download Indicate4 in the download section and play Quakeworld.
There is one Duelleague with about 20 different Divisions ( 20. Divison for noobs and div 0 for homos;)
just google "qwdl" and the first hit is your friend.
03.9.08 - 9:54 by knast E-Mail @ User

New Homepage
Well, the old homepage was an old clan page for the quakeworld clan "The Fragging Pumpkins". But the clan and the most of the members are inactive for years. The domain changed to !
The content of the new hompage is a hobby from my site. You can download my projects, e.g. the qw movies in the download section.
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